Tallow taste: The sacrosanct link between French fries and beef tallow

Tallow taste: The sacrosanct link between French fries and beef tallow

People usually buy a food stuff based on its packaging, appearance or brand. Whether they buy it again depends on the taste of the food. A person’s food preferences, especially with regard to taste is established right in the beginning of childhood or what are called the formative years. While babies usually prefer sweet food, toddlers like hot and spicy ones. As people grow, their taste buds tend to change depending on environmental and psychological factors. The question now is, how does tallow taste? From its appearance you would assume that it tastes just like any meat or mutton fat. But that is far from truth. Tallow tastes like the crispy, delicious French fries. Yes, believe it or not, beef tallow has a sacrosanct link with the world-favorite French fries.

McDonald’s French fries and beef tallow:
When Ray Kroc, one of the founders of McDonald’s, commented about his food chain, he mentioned, “The French fry is sacrosanct to me. Its preparation is a ritual to be followed religiously.” This is because, originally, McDonald’s cooked their French fries with beef tallow and they were such a delicacy to savor. Only in 1990, the food chain had to give in to vegetable oils owing to criticism on the excess amount of cholesterol content in the French fries. This actually presented the company with a challenge on how to make French fries taste like the original beef tallow fries without using beef tallow. This led to the birth of what is called the secretive, flavor industry of America.

All giant food chains or companies have their secretive “flavor company” which adds “natural or artificial” flavor to their food stuffs. It is originally these flavor companies that manufacture the real taste of fast food in the United States. With man-made additives occupying the food space, people want to go in for a shift and try natural food flavors. Cooking French fries with beef tallow is an attempt at getting the original, real-crispy taste of French fries.

How to cook French fries with beef tallow?
Before we go into the details of cooking, it is important to understand how harmful or harmless cooking with beef tallow is. There is rampant talk about the evils of saturated fats and the question of the digestibility of animal fat in cooking. It has been found out that 97% of animal fat is digestible and that low polyunsaturated fats present in beef tallow is good for health. As for the condition of atherosclerosis, it has been proved that coronary heart disease due to atherosclerosis is common with people in every other country and consumption of high fat has little do with it.

French Fries recipe: To cook French fries with tallow, you would need the common ingredients like russet potatoes, filtered water, 6 to 8 cups of beef tallow (better if it is grass fed), sea salt and equipments like deep fat fryer, tongs, cookie sheet, parchment paper, paper towels and French fry cutter.

1. Peel and cut the potatoes using the French fry cutter to the desired size. Then, soak them in filtered water for 30 minutes or even overnight (depends on your time availability).

2. Add beef tallow in the deep fat fryer and start heating. The smoke point of beef tallow higher than most harder oils and hence you can heat it up to 370 degrees. Once you have checked with a thermometer on the temperature of the fryer, slowly add potatoes to it.

3. As you add potatoes, the oil will start splitting, so stay a little away from the fryer. Fry for say 3 minutes or till you get the desired color. Then take the fries one by one using tongs and transfer them to the cookie sheet.

4. French fries should go for a second fry in order to get the real taste. Bring the tallow to 380 degrees and then deep fry the fries again. Now, transfer them to the Silpat-lined cookie paper.

5. Now, sprinkle salt and serve the fries after you have mixed adequate salt all over. Your fries will for sure taste like the original pre-1990 McDonald’s fries.

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  1. James
    January 13th, 2011 | 12:43 am

    I would like to follow up on Kent J.’s comment on why beef tallow is far better for your health than the highly processed vegetable oils used today. Here are some more reasons.

    Beef tallow from grass-fed cows is loaded with stearic acid, as well as being rich in the omega-3 essential fatty acids (same as found in wild salmon) that help protect against coronary heart disease. It is also loaded with vitamins such as A and E, as well as a substance called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been shown in study after study to actually prevent cancer cell formation.

    So, not only does beef tallow make the foods you cook in it taste absolutely delicious, but it’s also good for you as well.

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